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Distance from Hotel: 25 km

Apiranthos or t ‘is Aperathou village of mountainous Naxos. It is 28 km from the capital of the island, built at an altitude of between 600 and 700 meters on the eastern foothills of Mount Lantern. With a population of 1,078 inhabitants (based on the 2001 census) the village is the second largest island after Filoti.

Apiranthos is a traditional stone-built village. Regarding the origin of the residents there are many versions. Due to the similarity of culture, dialect etc. Crete, specifically Sfakia and Anogia is probable that a large proportion of the population Apeiranthos originates from there. But there is also the version that villagers come from the coast of Asia Minor. Mentioned in 1413 by Christopher Buondelmonti browser as remarkable village. Its inhabitants engaged in farming and the emery mines.